Redbreast 32 to ‘Dream Cask’ – review

Redbreast Irish whiskey, which is produced by Irish Distillers in Midleton Distillery, has recently launched the Redbreast Dream Cask, which was available to buy through its online members’ club, The Birdhouse, (SOLD OUT) The release follows requests from consumers and whiskey experts over the past 12 months, and becomes the first in a new series planned for the coming years.

When referring to requests, you have to remember one twitter tasting i blogged about quite some time ago (here) , almost one year ago, in which a cask sample of this liquid was shared with a few bloggers at an online session with Head Blender Billy Leighton.

Why do they call it the ‘Dream Cask’ you ask? well… Redbreast Dream Cask is a limited edition, 32 Year Old single pot still Irish whiskey – a single cask that was hand-selected last year by Master Blender, Billy Leighton, as his favorite Redbreast whiskey. The cask was chosen for having the perfect balance of pot still, Spanish oak and sherry flavors.

Redbreast Master Blender, Billy Leighton, commented: “In almost 40 years as a blender, Redbreast Dream Cask is a real highlight as I am able to select my own, personal dream Irish whiskey and share it with the world. Our inaugural tasting in 2017 was by far the largest whiskey tasting I have ever held, and the feedback we have received from the whiskey community on the liquid has been phenomenal, so it’s an honour to see it bottled to mark World Whisky Day 2018 – and watch this space for our 2019 plans.”

The original date of bonding goes back to 31st October 1985, with single pot still Irish whiskey filled into re-fill American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels. Then, on 8th March 2011, the whiskey was re-casked into a first-fill Oloroso Sherry-seasoned butt.

Dream Cask is bottled without the use of chill-filtration at 46.5% and is available in very limited quantities through Redbreast’s online private members’ club, The Birdhouse, for €500 per 50cl bottle..  Not cheap, but what a gem. I remember enjoying it very much the first time round, when I tasted it, it has been slightly reduced in abv (less than 1%). Let’s try some!

Redbreast Dream Cask 32 years old , 1985 Vintage ,816 bottles, 46.5%

Nose:  Goodness, this is good stuff. Rich, Thick, Old, lovely. The Oloroso touches are quite evident, there’s a nice balance of fruit (plums, figs, blackcurrant), blood oranges, citrus peel and some lovely touches of ripe exotic fruit (Banana, mango), succulent, sweet and deep, with some touches of old wood casks, polished oak, library benches – you know that drill… A lovely melange of fruit, exotic fruit, and musty wood. Oh Lord. that’s some awesome nose, I am in deep love.

Palate: Sweet juices, with a grassy element on first sip, then the whole thing gets even sweeter, with the mango and exotics kicking in and combining wonderfully with the perfumed notes, oak, berry marmalade, wood spices, and wood varnish. This may sound not as complex as it is, but it really feels wonderfully deep and fruity / spicy, and coats your mouth just brilliantly.

Finish: You do not want this to end, but it does…  More spice, and that yummy old oak , with the fruit and spice going a long way.


I am a big fan of Redbreast, but this stuff’s pure gold. What a superb drop this one is, no wonder it sold out so fast. Amazing stuff.  90’s stuff. no doubt here.

Score: 93/100


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