Redbreast Dream cask – #RedbreastDreamCask

Earlier in May (on world whisky day), a week or so before I flew to Feis Ile, Readbreast Irish whiskey a Facebook Live Tasting from the Midleton Distillery. Head Blender Billy Leighton and [Apprentice] Blender Dave McCabe unveiled a very rare whiskey , code named: ‘Redbreast dream cask’ and given the FB hashtag of  #RedbreastDreamCaskIt appeared that quite a few samples were shipped to people who wanted in, and to a few bloggers as well. They really gave no details beforehand, only saying that it was a very special whisky tasting, and so it was…
As the event unfolded Billy Leighton revealed what we’re about to taste : a 31 year-old !!!  Redbreast, single pot still, distilled 31st of October 1985 and initially matured in refill bourbon wood., then it was re-casked (in 2011) to a sherry butt, and presented at Cask Strength of 46,7% (Obviously NCF, no color added).  The FB live event was lots of fun, and you can watch a recording (see video).

Redbreast ‘Dream Cask’, 31yo vintage 1985 , sherry butt #41207 , 46,7% abv 

Nose: Deep and mesmerising; oloroso sherry notes up front , juicy with ripe red fruit: berries,black currant, plum and a hint of dried mango too, balanced by ripe citrus , blood oranges.  There’s a good measure of fantastic polished oak , old wooden benches as the age is magnificently present. A certain hint of black truffles, reminiscent of good Armagnac.
Palate: As close as it gets to a tropical fruit salad , what have we got here? Mango,pineapple,kiwi,banana , red grapefruit- the works. It’s just splendid. The sweet juices work well with those , there’s berry jam,and more if that old wood and varnish, that I adore! A bit of wax and wood spice. Delicious .
Finish : Long , very long with the tropical fruit extravaganza continuing for some time. Dry, wood varnish and old classy wood benches, and more of the spice.
Frankly this is by far the best redbreast whisky i have ever tried! I do hope this cask will get bottled at some point, as this is pure gold, really so. I bet it’s going to be very expensive if it ever makes it to the market, but those who could afford it – wow, they will be a happy bunch.
It’s nothing short of Superb.

Score: 93/100

Many thanks to Middleton distillery for hosting this incredible event, and sharing this drop of greatness with us. Superb.

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