Benriach single cask batch 14 vintage 2008 Peated Marsala cask #7880

Another single cask from batch 14 from BenRiach, this time it’s a peated Marsala wine cask , rather than Peated Oloroso cask… vive la difference…

Benriach single cask batch 14, 9 years old (2008), Peated Marsala cask #7880 

Nose: Sweet stewed fruit in syrup, earthy peat, but quite soft, with a nice sweet smoky edge. burnt leaves, quite earthy in a way and also dusty. not your everyday Marsala cask, but lovely. more fruit return on the 2nd wave of aromas. quite restrained for the ABV.
Palate: Sweet fruity start, with a woody backbone, which adds bitterness to balance the sweet wine, which is nice. a bit tart, and tannin-y, the peat is here for sure, there’s quite some ash too, earth, smoke and a hint of camphor. cinnamon and clove,  treacle and some sweet burnt meat, a twig of mint, perhaps. drying.
Finish: Quite dry and ashy, meaty and sweet prunes marinated tenderloin.
A very good combination of wine and peat, highly recommended.

Score: 89/100

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