A duo of Benriach 2007 : casks #101 & #105

We’re back to the BIG Benriach batch 14 tasting notes series, after a very good 2005 bottling, we’re going forward in time and tasting a duo of Peated & Sherried casks, both Oloroso, but both very different in color, and profile.. Let’s start with the ‘gentler’ one (if you can call a whisky at CS of 62.2% ABV gentle)…

Benriach single cask batch 14, 10 years old (2007), peated/sherry cask #105 , 62.2% 

Nose: Sweet cough syrup and a nice sort of dirty peat, mixed with cigar boxes, and a sweet meaty marinade. Some mint, and spices, mix well with the fruit , pepper and leather, quite fragrant and spicy, with a gingery edge. big sherry indeed adds the nice sweetness, as does the dried figs, and the wood also is quite prominent.
Palate: leathery and smoky, much more than the nose would suggest, the sweet smoke mixes very well with the fruit, and the earthy peat, pepper and wood. some more cough syrup and cigar leaves, with the sweet bacon marinade, in plums.
Finish: quite farmy, and sweet at the same time, chocolate and sherry, with left over cigars.
Bottom Line: Great sherried peat, with smoke and cigars.

Score: 89/100

Benriach single cask batch 14, 10 years old (2007), peated/sherry cask #101 ,   61.9%

Nose: This is much more concentrated sherry wise, than the previous cask, with big sherry, and a quite some sulfur, if you’re not into it, let it go.. A proper sherry monster, with heavier notes, some rubber, pepper, and baking spice. Big Bad ass Sherry (BBS). with some time the sulfur fades, and ripe oranges / apricots emerge. There’s a nice peaty edge to it, yet the sherry is overpowering.
Palate: Big sherry on entry, with mint, pepper and some chilly, sulfur-y and a bit rubbery at first, then getting sweeter, with concentrated sherry, cigar butts, smoke and rich compote, chocolate and some fudge. sweet meat.
Finish: chocolate and sherry, marinated meat, and earthy peat.
Bottom Line: A fiercer sherry, a sherry monster if you will. If you’re fond of hardcore sherry whiskies, with sulfur , plastic etc you’re up for a treat. It’s not as balanced as the previous cask. Still very good indeed, and quite powerful stuff.

Score: 87/100

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