Mackmyra ‘Expedition’ NAS , [Travel Retail]

Another new-ish Mackmyra today, this time a Travel Retail exclusive (meaning you can buy it at Duty Free shops: on boats, planes, airports etc).  This is a NAS expression but the little angels have whispered in my ears that it’s actually  7 to 9 year old… bottled at 46,1%, and mostly matured in bourbon casks as well as Swedish oak casks that previously held Swedish cloudberry wine (never tried any of that cloudberry wine, but it’s supposedly fruity – duh.).  Not so sure why the folks at Mackmyra are so fond of cloudberry casks or any berry cask… oh well

Mackmyra ‘Expedition’ NAS , [Travel Retail] 

Nose: sweet with a touch of smoke :mainly bubblegum,vanilla and some berries , more sweet nectar with a touch of citrus / juniper that balances it out. Still on the sweet side. Strawberry vanilla ice. 
Palate: mega fruity with lots of berries, berry jam and oodles of vanilla ice cream ,fudge and a touch of smoke..
Finish: fruity , pepper. 
Not a bad whisky, but too sweet and fruity for my taste, maybe a nice summer dram, or it’s just me not overly fond of berries in my whisky 😉 At least no funky notes in this one (remember the 10 year old reviewed only last week?) . I still prefer the Rok.

Score: 83/100

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