Mackmyra 10 year old OB

Mackmyra has really come of age, and it has released its first ever 10 year old whisky as a core line expression. Although this is not the oldest whisky EVER released by the swedish distillery – a  10-year-old expression is indeed a landmark which means  the distillery  has enough stock to support a continuous expression. The whisky itself is  matured for ten years in  high quality bourbon, Oloroso and new american oak casks, and bottled at 46,1 % abv. I’ve tasted quite a few different whiskies from this lovely distillery, most of which were NAS – and I was very intrigued to try the new 10 yo.. As I was traveling I did not manage to participate in their twitter tasting , so I am posting notes, a bit later.

Mackmyra Ten Years , 46.1% , £68  

Nose:  Vanilla and red berries cream, a slight citrus edge to it, one would say cheesecake topped with berries  and whipped cream. Wood shavings, icing sugar, cardboard. There’s something funky in the backdrop but I can’t quite put my finger on it. 

Palate: More vanilla, a bit rough on the edges with some alcohol bite. Cereals and dough,peppery at times, with cocoa on the linger.
Finish : wood spice, hint of chocolate, and toast.
This is certainly not THE best Mackmyra I’ve ever tried (there were some cracking peaty single casks a while back), but this is good stuff and at 10 year old it seems Mackmyra are almost there. Even with  the alcohol bite, and a few rough edges here and there, It’s a good 10 year old malt, and I am sure in a few more years, we’ll be getting even nicer , older stuff. Go Mackmyra!

Score: 83/100

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