More Elements of Islay – Lp7 (Laphroaig)

Ardbeg or Laphroaig? Well, I know a lot of people who will say Laphraoig, and frankly I have to say that if we’re talking modern Ardbeg or Modern Laphraoig , I mostly go with Laphraoig, especially with Independent bottlings, there are plenty of good ones (love me some sherried ones) and at a good price, and they are not snatched the moment they are placed online by Ardbeg (Collectors) Fans.

Luckily there’s a new Elements Laphraoig out, the 7th edition, or Lp7 as Specialty Drinks calls it.  Bottled at a nice  52.8% abv , and can be yours for ‘only’ £89.95 (per 0,5 liter). Let’s taste this wee dram shall we?

Elements Of Islay Lp7 ,  52.8% abv , £89.95 (over at TWE online)elem_lp7

Nose:  A nice sweet, yet quite peaty start, with quite a lot of wood smoke (just as we like it over here),  the peat is fragrant and rich, there’s a hint of smoked fish, mint and some Iodine, as well as a whiff of vanilla, and spice. It is not the biggest Laphraoig ever (Brut force), but it’s quite layered and the Lp DNA is there for sure.

Palate: The palate is very reminiscent of the nose, with the smoked fish, sweet wood smoke, hickory sauce and vanilla, which then gives way to more medicinal notes of Iodine, tar, and a hint of sea spray and a touch of mint.

Finish: Long, with a lingering sweet, smoky touch, vanilla and a touch of chocolate.Both Medicinal and with a sweet edge.

A rather delicious dram , I dare say I prefer this one over the now sold out Ar6 (Reviewed the other day here). Laphraoig fans, this one is certainly up your alley! 

Score: 89/100

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