New Elements Of Islay part I : Ar6 (Ardbeg)

Speciality Drinks (a sister company of TWE) has introduced 4 new expressions in their highly popular “Elements of Islay” series, this time introducing some “New elements” in addition to a new Ardbeg (Ar6), and Laphraoig (Lp7) :  Ln1 (Loch Indaal – a quite heavily peated bruichladdich) and Ma1 (Margadale, heavily peated Bunnahabhain), we’ll start the reviews with the Ardbeg (no scpecial reason, just felt like trying it first). This is an ex-bourbon matured whisky, bearing no age, as usual.

Ar6 , 55.7% , NAS , 0.5l elem_ar6

Nose:  It’s a rather ‘creamy’ and sweet Ardbeg, at least for me, it’s big and bold, but also quite sweet, while still feeling very much an ‘Ardbeg’ and a dram from islay. There’s also some nice medicinal qualities to it, such as Iodine, new leather and a touch of hay, and new canvas with fresh oil paint applied to it, it does remind me of some recent NAS ardbeg SRs… enjoyable and ‘wider’ then the 10 yo.

Palate: Maritime, and creamy again over here, with Tar, ash, and then some more of the vanilla custard, some citrus, smoked fish and ash. It’s very very inviting.

Finish : Quite long as expected, ashy, salty, with a hint of burnt toffee.


If you’re a fan of current big bold Ardbegs,you’re going to like this whisky. It’s very likable, although as modern Ardbegs go, it’s not ultra complex. But the key word is FUN : it is a fun dram. Not sure if it’s sold out already or not in stock, I wonder….

Score: 88|/100

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