Balblair 2005/2021 Exclusive To The Whisky Exchange

TWE have released two very interesting exclusive single casks last week, the first of which is this Balblair 2005 (the 2nd is an older wine cask Arran which seems to be sold out, but maybe will go online again soon).

It has been some time since I’ve tasted a new Balblair (I think the last OB ones I’ve tasted were the new OBS a few years ago – check out my post here) .

This one comes from cask 213 (an Ex-bourbon cask) and is quite a fruity whisky, bottled at 48.5% abv (I wonder why so low ABV).

Balblair 2005 / Bot.2021 / Exclusive To The Whisky Exchange

Balblair 2005/2021 Exclusive To The Whisky Exchange , 48.5% , £145

Nose: A lovely fresh and fruity nose on this one: think ripe red apples, pears, and some apricots as well upfront. There’s also quite a bit of vanilla ice cream, and a certain leafy quality even maybe some flower petals along with sweetish icing sugar and oak. A drizzle of white pepper maybe rounds up a very inviting nose – Bright and sweet and wonderfully fruity.

Palate: More of the fruit basket over here with a nice measure of apple pie with roasted nectarines, on top of vanilla custard. It’s a bit more ‘exotic’ if you wish with some notes of unripe cantaloupe and a pinch of pepper, wood, then a touch of almonds.

Finish: More melons on the finish, alongside spice and a hint of cinnamon. A distant note of sweet brioche and apple crumble on the linger.

Conclusion: A fruity delight, quite sweet, fresh and lovely and very easy drinking at this low ABV (for a single cask mind you), yet complex enough and showing a fruity side to Balblair. Very nice yet not cheap.

Available (still) exclusively on the TWE website , £145

Score: 87/100

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