Port Charlotte PAC:01 2011

Feis Ile 2021 is nearing and time for some Islay reviews on the blog. The latest release from Bruichladdich is this PC in their experimental series. This is a 40 ppm (post distillation) heavily peated whisky, bottled at 56.1% distilled from 100% Scottish barley (concerto), and distilled in 2011. In making this whisky Two parcels of heavily peated port Charlotte spirit, distilled in November 2011, have been combined to create the final whisky:

Parcel one – 6 yrs in 1st fill ex-American whiskey casks, then 2 yrs in 1st fill casks which previously held Red wine from the Pauillac region of France.

Parcel two – 7 yrs maturation in 1st Fill ex-American whiskey casks, then the Remainder of its life in 2nd fill casks Which previously held red wine from The Pauillac region of France.

Red wine and Bruichladdich peated spirit seems to work great , at least for me, so looking forward to this one. Shall we try?

Port Charlotte PAC:01 2011 , 56.1% , £90 (available online)

Nose: Big sweet peaty loveliness, with an abundance of spices in the form of ginger, clove, pepper, and wood bark, underneath a nice layer of creamy vanilla and barley sugars, maybe a hint of cough syrup. further nosing reveals BBQed meats with cooked apples charred on a wood fire, some dried fruit as well, and a hint of cherries with lots of peat reek all over, a lovely mix, if i might say so. An ashy feeling is hovering above. Complex and lovely.

Palate: Nice zingy heat on entry, with a sweet combination of malt, vanilla, and fruit we’ve seen on the nose. dried fruit, caramel candy, and some chocolate as well, with the peat smoke and spices arriving on the 2nd wave of sensations. A fruity combination with citrus fruit balancing the sweet dried fruit and cherries, then we’re off to earthy notes, more peat and ash. The wine adds a lovely feeling to it all, and there are no wine tannins at all, which is just great for me, the powerful distillate is handling the wine finish just brilliantly.

Finish: A lot of peat smoke, now dried with a certain medicinally as well, salty and ashy, and more earthy if you will with a distant hint of vanilla and some oak. Long and rewarding.

Conclusion: This is one of the best PCs I’ve had in years. It’s lovely, complex and the wine is adding a nice extra facet without imposing on the spirit, or imparting unwanted tannins and bitterness. A treat for every peated whisky lover. I would not say this one’s Lactic as some Laddies are, so for me, it’s a win-win situation. Highly recommended. Well done Adam & Co. Well done. If you enjoy Port Charlottes, and peaty whisky, this one should be high on your shopping list.

Score: 90/100

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