Glenlossie 2007 (Daily Dram)

The second whisky we tasted at our Holydram DD #zoom event was this very unusual Glenlossie. Immediately on nosing this, I knew we’re in for something else… This is not your middle of the way ‘Lossie. No sir.

Glenlossie 2007 (DD), 55% abv, ~ € 95


Nose: Immediately you’re getting a very smoky note. Is this a Glenlossie? Have they distilled peated malt? well, actually not. Mario has revealed that this whisky was aged in an ex-peated cask (most probably a Caol Ila). There’s a nice fruity hint under all this smoke, but it takes time to decipher.. The peat plays nicely, adding a waxy touch as well, a subtle grassy note underneath, but the smoke is indeed dominating. Adding a few drops of water does reveal more of the fruit, but it’s quite subdued by the smoke.

Palate: Stone fruits, along a sweet smoky edge, some faint tropic hints, vegetal notes as well, pepper and wood.

Finish : ash, pepper and wood with green banana peel.

Conclusion: A very very unusual Glenlossie, but quite a fun whisky actually. Don’t go learning anything about distillery character from this one, but the smoke adds a nice dimension. Fun.

Score: 86/100

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