Burnside 1994 (Archives)

We’ve discussed Sherry monsters among friends after I have come to understand that a lot of self-proclaimed whisky ‘experts’ are not quite sure what a sherry bomb really is… oh well.

A 25-year-old Burnside in The Fishes of Samoa(which is A teaspooned Balvenie, mind you), It’s really something to behold. The color is very dark, and foreshadows what is about to happen once you taste 😉

Burnside 1994 archives, 25 yo, 47.6 % 

Nose: Wow! This is HUGE ! dark, and filled with gunpowder, lots of figs, prune and date juices, balsamic, burnt sugar, glazed meat, tobacco leaves, love the sulfur in this, moist earth and plum juice. It is dark and excellent. One can sniff this stuff for hours. 
Palate:  big badass old style sherry, with lovely sweetness, and some wood tannins, as well as wine tannins, a bit vinous,  lots of stewed fruit, plums, figs all in thick syrup, some mocha, leather, kirsch, dark chocolate, and, wood spices and orange marmalade, maybe even some licorice and black tea leaves.
Finish: drying, the oak is very much present, leather and licorice with some black tea.

Conclusion: What an amazing nose on this whisky!! one can sniff it for hours, it’s just sublime. {but, If you’re not a fan of sulfur, then this might not be for you… } The palate is very good indeed as well but falls short of the nose, and the finish is quite endless. A beautiful whisky, that will get better with time in the glass, and some oxidation in the bottle.

Score: 90/100

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