Compagnie Des Indes Trinidad 16 yo single cask

Time for some more Rum. Earlier this week saw a zoom tasting we organized for our Holydram community, featuring one of the most interesting voices in IB Rum – Compagnie Des Indes. This IB rum label is now imported to Israel by Sipil (a local importer and online drinks site). The tasting which featured 6 Rums from the range sold locally and led by Florent, the owner was lovely, and highly enjoyable, the epitome of which was this amazing Rum.

This one comes from Trinidad from the TDL distillery, and was bottled without chill filtration, or watering down, like a Rum should.. Distilled April 2003 ,Bottled in: April 2019 (france).

Trinidad 16-year-old Rum, Cask Strength, 63.5% , ILS 600

Nose: The nose is quite fruity, with some floral notes, but mainly starting on strawberry sherbet, kiwi, and lychee, with a touch of mint, licorice, caramel candy. some time in the glass will do it only good, as it gets even fruitier and more exotic.

Palate: Wow, this is quite nice! a lot of spice with tons of ripe lychee, kiwis, and mint, with cinnamon, thyme, and lime, very tropical indeed.

Finish: The lychee goes quite a long way, with an abundance of sweet/tropical notes, some citrus, and more thyme, coriander notes are here.

Conclusion: Certainly one of the nicest Rums I’ve had recently. Loved the exotic fruit and the lychee and spices. Wow. certainly, one to buy, even though it’s not cheap… Great choice of cask, Florent!

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