Yerushalmi young Single malt , ‘Mount Moriah’

A few months back I posted notes for the Yerushalmi new make and young single malt which were promising. This week Yerushalmi is releasing its first ‘official’ single malt (note this is not whisky, but single malt as the liquid has not aged for 3 years -as the distillery started production only last year).

this young single malt (Peated to 35 PPM) was aged in a combination of new and Toasted French oak casks, and ex-Rum casks (to my understanding more French oak than Rum, in the vatting). There’a total of 1,500 bottles in the first batch bottled at 46.3% NCF, natural coloring.

Before we taste the liquid : a few words regarding the presentation – The bottle and packing looks very posh, and I like the look and feel of the design. Clearly they have invested quite some time into making it stand out. Good work there. Now, let’s try a dram or two…

Yerushalmi Distillery ‘Mount Moriah’ , 46.3 % , 220 NIS

Nose: The nose hints of youthfulness which disappears after a few minutes in the glass and gives way to deep and sweet honeyed sort of pastries, with plenty of vanilla, spices and lots of caramel candy, and spices (pepper, cinnamon ) continuing on golden syrup and sweet smoke, some char and sweet smoke.

Palate: bittersweet, with the sweet smoke and bitter wood playing alongside each other, some notes of new-make, with the spicy continuation of pepper, chili, soot and char followed by vanilla The Caramel is also noticeable here and adding sweetness.

Finish : Quite long with bitter grounds, soot, and toffee.

Conclusion: Although this is quite young, it is well made, and does not suffer from too many youthful notes. The new oak has done its magic (as you can see from the color of the liquid). While it’s not very complex (one can not expect such complexity from spirits at this tender age) , it is quite enjoyable and would appeal to those who like a sweet/smoky profile. The spirit will welcome some time in the glass, so do not haste..

PS: Good work, looking forward to seeing how future older whiskies from Yerushalmi will fare… I know some single casks at higher ABV are on the way too.

** I am not going to score this one as it’s not whisky yet.

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