Lagavulin 1991 , 28 yo ‘Prima & Ultima’

Another P&U expression, this time from one of the best distilleries out there it’s you’re a peat lover – Lagavulin. You can’t really go wrong with a Lagavulin, and this one’s been aged for 28 long years in refill American oak hogshead casks. no sherry, no finish. pure Lagavulin beauty. 1013 such bottles available…

Lagavulin 1991 , 28 yo ‘Prima & Ultima’ , 50.1%

Nose: Oh yea, this is the stuff dreams are made of. The trademark ‘Laga’ wood smoke with touches of lovely old wood… Very complex: wood smoke, kerosene, smoky lemons, diesel, fresh pepper, some wet dog, hessian cloth, and also coastal with seashells, smoked kippers, sea-weed, fishermen ropes. More of the lemon notes/lemongrass in addition to medicinal notes as well (bandages, iodine you name it!), and all this engulfed by polished old oak… mmm I think I am in love.

Palate: Again – classic Lagavulin DNA here with that ever-lovely distant bonfires, and sweet smoke, and sweet smoke, black tea, salty and waxy, ashy and sooty with a nice sweetness but also quite some bitter wood, and dry oak, there’s some polished oak, but not much of it, earthy and some of the lemon is also present. It’s mainly deep, dark, and soothing, with a hint of kippers and smoked fish too. Very good.

Finish: Long and marvelous, with the distant wood smoke, lemon, pepper going a long way, quite ashy and spicy as well. very long and very satisfying.

Conclusion: Oh man. I want a bottle of this. It’s everything I look for in older no-frills, no shticks, just plain brilliant older Lagavulin.

Score: 94/100

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