Mortlach 1980 G&M Cask 3646

Good whiskies are not hard to come by, but great whiskies are not very easy to get hold of, and this one, happily is one of those. When Ran ( a good friend, and a true whisky lover and connoisseur) tells me there’s a whisky I MUST taste (and that does not happen frequently) I know that I am for quite a ride, and this one was no exception. An old refill cask Mortlach? Yessir!

Mortlach 1980 GM Cask Collection , 63.8 %  (refill sherry cask #3646)

Nose: what a deep beautiful nose on this one: we staty with a lovely sherry sweetness, but not over-pronounced. think elegant old wood casks, polished oak, dark chocolate, black tea and leather followed by sultanas, prunes, and dates on the sweet side then a sour cherry note, which is then immediately followed by some wet earth, old dunnage warehouses – quite musty and lovely. Just the right balance of wood, sherry and fruit & spice. Loving it ! I can nose this for hours.

Palate: Quite fierce on the entry with a peppery/chilly attack, even salty on the get-go, which then gives way to bitter black tea, dark chocolate, and some coffee grounds, complemented by wood spices, and bitter toasted oak. The sultanas make an entry on the 2nd wave of sensations, with dark fruit jam, prune juice along with bitter earth, and wood tannins.

Finish: sultanas, double espresso, some bitter wood, tea leaves, and earth with a wisp of smoke.

Conclusion: This, my friends, is one of those whiskies, which remind me why I got hooked on the nectar of the gods. These days it’s getting harder and harder finding gems like this one, and this is a truly magnificent Mortlach. No doubt. 90’s! The only downside is the price (be prepared to part with 1000 EUR and more)

Score: 93/100

Many thanks to Ran for this precious drop, you know the stuff which makes me happy 😉

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