Jura Two-One-Two

One Two One? Quite an unusual name for a whisky – but a very fitting name for this expression, as Two-One-Two or 212 is roughly the number of islanders living on the Isle of Jura.

This Series of bottling will celebrate the small and vibrant community of roughly 212 islanders – and one distillery. This inaugural bottling, the first in a series of annual releases, has been matured in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels and finished in Chinkapin Oak casks( Quercus muehlenbergii ). The whisky is bottled at 47.5%, and at 13 years of age…

Jura 13 Year Old 2006 Two-One-Two , 47.5%, £88

Nose : sweet pastries, stewed fruit, mostly apricots, peaches, baked apples, wet cardboard, damp wood, sandalwood, and wood spices. 

Palate: quite sharp and powerful on entry, then getting sweeter and creaky with vanilla, wood spice, and custard, a hint of chocolate praline and orange maybe.

Finish: Lingering sweetness with chocolate N’ nut, orange peel.

All in all, this is a very good whisky, certainly feels nice on the palate at 47.5%, with the chinkapin wood adding a nice spiciness and enhancing the original ex-bourbon wood. Certainly one of the better recently released Jura. very nice.

Score: 86/100

Available on the Master of Malt webshop for £88

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