Method and Madness wild Cherry wood & Acacia wood

Irish Distillers, makers of some of the world’s best-known and successful Irish whiskeys, has recently added two new and experimental, limited edition Irish whiskeys to its METHOD AND MADNESS range; Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Finished in Wild Cherry Wood and Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Finished in Acacia Wood. The whiskeys represent the latest results of the research that Middleton Distillery and Micro Distillery, in County Cork, have undertaken into maturation in different wood types over more than 10 years.

Being an Irish distiller, which is not bound by Scotch SWA regulations has its pluses, as they are able to explore different wood types (such as cherry and Acacia) which are forbidden in the aging of Scotch whiskies… Interesting take on Irish whisky.

Let’s have a wee look:

Method & Madness Acacia Wood 46% , €92

Nose: Quite fragrant and woody, with a sweet candied note as well : sugared almonds, dense wood spices, freshly baked sweet rolls, cocoa.

Palate: bitter coffee grounds, mocha, dark chocolate sprinkled with spice, black pepper, wood tannins, drying.

Finish: Woody, mostly charred wood, spices, ginger powered , intensely roasted coffee beans.

Not a bad Whisky, but quite demanding, with the palate less friendly than the nose…. A nice experiment.

Score: 80/100

Method & Madness Wild Cherry Wood, 46% , €92

Nose: Very different, and fruitier, with some exotic fruit, mainly banana, coconut and a zesty lemony edge as well , some pine resin, icing sugar and lemongrass in addition to quite some wood shavings.

Palate: oodles of vanilla, but also herbal notes, maybe some tea, more wood shavings, and a peppery tang, the banana notes are here as well in the form of banana bread.

Finish : vanilla custard, pear drops, hints of rum.

Conclusion: is a much nicer and more rounded and well made whisky, interesting wood effect from the cherry wood.

Score: 84/100

Very interesting experiments are on the way in Middleton distillery. It takes guts to experiment! Looking forward to more madness whiskies in the future!

No Guts No Glory!

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