Mortlach 21 yo (Goren’s Whisky)

Every Indie bottling for Israel is a reason for celebration, as we do not get so many local casks on offer. A well-aged Mortlach? even better!

This is another single cask bottling by Tomer Goren (A friend, and also the master distiller of M&H distillery in Tel-Aviv). I have reviewed a few past bottlings of his, including the last Port Ellen bottled for Whisky live TLV 2018 (here). This single cask Morlach is bottled for no special occasion. The whisky was aged for 21 yeas in a re-fill Sherry cask , distilled in 1995 and bottled in 2017 (indeed some time has passed since bottling, mainly due to Tomer being busy with other whisky business of his).

A total of 258 bottles were filled, all for the local Israeli market. The bottles are currently going in pre-sale for 530 NIS , and normal retail price will be 690 NIS after pre-sale is over, the whisky is sold online on Tomer’s E-shop .

Mortlach 21 yo (Goren’s Whisky) , 51.8% , 530 ils / 136 Eur / $150

Nose: soft spices and sweet sherried notes which blend nicely. Fresh orchard fruit, with apricot, dark ripe plums and caramelized apples with semi sweet Sultana and chocolate. Not your meaty ordinary Mortlach. 

Palate: bigger and spicier on the Palate, some sherry notes with hints of earthiness more dark chocolate, nuts and a mix of plums, sultanas ending on the dry side, tea and a bit leafy too. 

Finish : Rum and raisin Chocolate, Brownies, hint of sherry.

Conclusion: This is not a classic big-ass sherry Mortlach. The 2nd fill casks impart a nice sherry effect, but it works well with the fresh fruit. Easy drinking stuff, very more-ish and very yummy. Happy to own a bottle.

Still available online.

Score: 88/100

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