Rosebank 21 yo ‘Jealousy’

The Roses Lineup to date

Another semi-unicorn whisky today – a lovely posh 21 year old edition called ‘Jealousy’ bottled for this year’s Valentine’s. Not a bad gift to the Mrs. if you ask me, but not sure mine would approve ūüėČ This is the 3rd installment the previous one being ‘Innocence’ & ‘Love’. This one sold out, but originally priced at 600 quid.

Jealousy is a 21-year-old single malt which, like the others in the collection, has been released to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Named after the yellow Jealousy rose this whisky has an elegant and complex character, certain to leave other distilleries jealous.


Rosebank was considered for years to be the finest of the Lowland malts and its character fitted its name: light, elegant and floral, with fruity complexity. While the spirit was excellent, the distillery closed in 1993 ‚Äď a tragedy that is still lamented¬†today.

Rosebank has become incredibly rare and only a handful of bottlings from the distillery have been released in recent years. Sought after by both collectors and drinkers, prices have risen sharply and stocks of maturing whisky have almost run out. With prices of even the distillery-bottled Rosebank Flora and Fauna rising tenfold over the past few years, new releases are pounced on by investors as well as those looking for a final chance to try whisky from this fabled distillery.

The Roses Series from TWE

The Rosebank Roses is a set of seven whiskies from the late Rosebank distillery, bottled by Elixir Distillers, released every year on Valentine’s Day. Each edition of the Roses is named after a different variety of rose, chosen for their relation to the whiskies’ character.

Rosebank 21 yo ‘Jealousy’ , 52.5% , Sold Out

Nose: Imagine yourself lying in a spring meadow, sniffing the flower blossom and fresh grass. This is it in a nutshell : very gentle, floral, perfumed, icing sugar, fresh cut grass, and old school boiled fruit, white chocolate filled with strawberries and whipped cream. Like sniffing an April field in blossom.

Palate: much bigger than the light and floral nose, the alcohol bite is there, then we’re off to sweeter realms: white chocolate, apple peel, pear drops, wood tannins, and spices mainly nutmeg and wood bark, barley sugar and fresh baked brioche,honey.

Finish: floral and fruity, with more pear drops, a wee hint of unripe banana, coconut and a leafy touch .

Conclusion: This is a lovely whisky, so gentle and so complex. The nose is extra delicate, just like a spring meadow. The palate is a bit more robust, but also is classy and complex with the fruit and chocolate, so well integrated. Lovely stuff for a hefty price.

Originally sold for 600 quid, but prices on the secondary market will be at least twice as high. Expect to see many of those on auction soon.

Score: 91/100

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