Foursquare 13 yo Barbados Rum (The Dutchess)

Another rum bottled by the The Dutchess, the IB label managed by my good Dutch friend Nils, and this time it’s a 13 year old Foursquare Barbados rum. This rum has been exclusively selected for the 12th edition of the “Whisky & Rum aan Zee festival” 2018. It is from a single cask (number 44) yielding 294 bottles and is from one of the more popular rum distilleries (at least in my circle of friends and Rum lovers), Foursquare in Barbados.

There are no additives in this rum. Furthermore this blend of pot and column still rums has no added coloring and comes in at a stonking 59% ABV. It has been aged for 13 years, three in the Caribbean and ten in Europe. Nice, isn’t it? let’s dram.

Foursquare 13 yo Barbados Rum (The Dutchess) , 59% abv , € 75 (available at Best of Wines

Nose:  Deep and sweet, lovely stuff really  : lots of wood influence on this one, mainly wood varnish and toffee, but some fruit as well, such as caramelized bananas, stewed apricots, all engulfed in lovely golden syrup, sweet fudge, and a hint of mango. Heaven.

Palate: mouth coating and oily, with a peppery tang on initial entry,  ripe orange, chilly flakes, banana pie, lots of vanilla and more golden syrup, savory and sweet at the same time, a hint of star anise and molasses. sweet, spicy and tangy,  with lot of wood as well and a great mouth feel.

Finish: Medium-Long,  oak, drying with hints of pepper and burnt sugar and grilled banana.


This is one tasty Rum. Easy drinking and very likable even by rum newbies, and by seasoned Rum lovers alike. Highly enjoyable stuff. and a lovely after meal dram. A very decent Malternative. Great selection of cask. Recommended, and quite affordable!


Available online on the Best of Wines site , 75 Eur.




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