D.Laing Scallywag Blended Malt 10 year old

Scallywag is maybe the most famous Blended malt line from family owned D.Laing Whisky. The line consists of malts from the Speyside region, and after reviewing the basic, 13 yo sherry, and cask strength versions, it’s high time I reviewed this 10 year old age statement expressions. 10 years old may not sound special, but the age was chosen as this year DL are celebrating their 70th anniversary and as you know one man years equals 10 dog years, making this dram 70 year old (dog years), same as the company that bottles it! cool isn’t it? Notice Scallywag is also wearing a Monocle on the label, befitting an elderly dog.

Price point wise, this one sits between the regular and the 13-year-old sherry cask (I am very fond of).

Nose : Twix candy bars, cocoa and vanilla, honeycomb and red apples. Some wood and toffee, more cocoa, and a touch of berries.
Palate: sweet and spicy with zingy citrus, some pepper and wood spice, chocolate truffles, Vanilla and sweet dough
Finish : rum n’ raisin chocolate, cocoa and honey. 


All in all this is a lovely daily dram, well made, easy-going, and quite enjoyable. If you’re a fan of the original Scallywag, you’re going to want one. Well blended, guys.

Score: 85/100

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