Hampden 10 year old 2007 kill devil (TWB exclusive)

A rum? Yes, today we’re going to review a Rum rather than a whisky. This bottling is one of the exclusive Rum casks bottled exclusively for the Whisky Barrel, by Hunter Laing & Co. The Rum is 10 years old, bottled at a whopping strength of 64.1%, and comes from the Hampden Rum distillery, The rum was distilled in a Pot Still in  November 2007 and bottled 2018 , with a total 290 bottles were drawn from the cask.

Hampden dsitillery pot stills
Hampden dsitillery pot stills

Hampden 10 year old 2007 Kill Devil (TWB exclusive),64.1%,  £62

Nose: boy, that’s some big stuff! It’s big and funky. Some water helps.. First thing that comes into mind is overripe pineapple milkshake, some glue (yes, I don’t usually sniff glue) and more sweet banana pie vanilla and boiled sweets. 
Palate: sweet and thick, with more fresh exotic fruit salad: banana, pineapple, mango, peaches, pepper, vanilla and coconut shreds. 
Finish : spices, vegetal towards bitter, touch of oak.

Bottom line

This is not an ‘easy’ rum at all, it’s funky, and very powerful, with an abundance of flavors, and hard-core Jamaican funk. Water is quite essential if you wish to enjoy it, and even after that it’s HUGE. I was quite overwhelmed at first, but then it grow on me, and I learned to enjoy the luscious exotic fruit salad, and even the ‘glue’. Not your everyday rum, It has quite a character and screams – I AM HERE! If you’re fond of Hampden Rums, then go for it, you’re in for a treat, if you prefer milder rums, or different profiles, oh well…



2 thoughts on “Hampden 10 year old 2007 kill devil (TWB exclusive)

  1. I really dislike Jamaican rums. The trademark glue notes are repulsive in my view. Next time go for something from Guyana or trinidad

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