Tomatin Virtues – Water & Metal – Review

Tomatin has recently  announced the release of the final two expressions in its limited edition Five Virtues series. The series draws inspiration from the elements of nature – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – with each single malt expression enjoying a limited run of 6,000 bottles and a focus on the effects of different cask maturation.

The Metal edition has a distinct character expressed by the distillery’s 12 beautiful copper stills. Every drop of Tomatin whisky flows through the uniquely shaped and sized stills, giving the whisky its own distinctive characteristics. Metal is matched with classic first fill Bourbon barrels, demonstrating the definitive Tomatin style.

Completing the series is Water, inspired by the water from the Alt-na-Frith burn; Tomatin’s private water source. The soft and pure water is drawn year round but this particular edition employs a winter-distilled spirit and Sherry butts to enrich the final flavour.

Let’s start with the lighter (in color and flavor)  Metal.

Nose: sweet-is with toffee, marshmallow, vanilla and soft wood with a touch of chocolate, and a whiff of Dunnage warehouses.
Palate: rich and chocolate with some orchard fruit and vanilla ice cream, bitter-sweet cocoa powder,  toffee, and wood spices.
Finish : milk chocolate, toffee and toasted oak.

In Short:

This is a nice sipping whisky, with a classic ex-bourbon cask influence, vanilla , spice fruit and chocolate. Easy drinking and not very old. It’s a decent daily dram, but is priced above the regular 12 yo..

 Score: 84/100

Tomatin Five Virtues – Water . NAS , 46% abv , £47

Nose: much more sherry influence over here.. Ripe oranges, blood orange marmalade, and some sweet and creamy chocolate fudge. There’s a bit of toffee as well. Thick and lush.
Palate: nice Sherried sweetness, chocolate fondant, ripe orange marmalade, wood spices and more toffee, a certain perfumed quality as well.
Finish: chocolate mousse, citrus rind, cinnamon spice and cocoa powder .

In Short:

This is a nicely sherried expression with the sherry casks quite prominent in both color & aroma / flavors, lovely sweet, and candied oranges, toffee, and chocolate. It’s not too much sherried, so the ex-bourbon / sherry balance is good, adding the richness of the sherry without overshadowing the distillery character.

Score: 85/100

Both expressions are available from Master of Malt .

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