Glenfarclas 2008 family casks – Israel Exclusive cask # 2432

Good times for Whisky in Israel, as the market is growing and it’s high time for a Glenfarclas Family cask for the Israeli market, don’t you think? This cask was selected by the guys at ‘Wine Route’ which are also the GF importers to Israel. This is quite a young cask, distilled in 2008, and bottled in 2017, making it only 9 yo. It’s bottled at Cask Strength (well, all the family cask bottles are.. ), for a total of only 327 bottles at 57.5% abv. The whisky was distilled in 2008 and bottled 2/11/2017, and retails for 699/799 ILS (depending if you’re a wine route member), not cheap, but none of those family casks is quite cheap these days… A first fill Oloroso cask # 2432.. Let’s try some, shall we?

Glenfarclas Family Casks 2008, 9 yo, first fill Oloroso cask # 2432 , 57.5% abv, 699/ 799 ILS

Nose: medium sherry, with orange marmalade, candied orange, and quite a lot of wood for a 9-year-old.. This was an active cask indeed.. Some wood spices, mainly Clove and ginger. With time Sweeter sherry notes develop mainly sultana and then sweet apricot ‘leather’.

Palate: lovely sweet and Sherrid with dried fruit, cinnamon, vanilla custard and some nuts, Sweeter than the nose, white pepper, and lovely wood,and wee tropical fruit..

Finish : dried fruit, and a hint of tropical fruit..

When I first tasted it ,  I thought it was not one of the best casks, and that It had too much wood in it, but when i tried it a few more time, It has quite grown on, as to speak, and I really began liking it more and more. Good sherry and spice Combo. It’s not quite a thick sherry monster, but it’s certainly a Glenfarclas. Very good stuff, although it’s not cheap. GF fans and collectors will love this one, I bet. VFM wise, I’d get the 21 yo , not at CS, but certainly better VFM. Good stuff anyways. And Glad we have our own Family cask now over in the Land of Milk & Honey.


Score: 89/100

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