Port Charlotte 2003 14 yo Whiskybroker bottling Cask #857 (Sweden)

With Port Charlotte casks aging  for quite a bit in the Bruichladdich warehouses  we’re seeing more and more older (circa 14) year olds getting bottled by IB’s which is fun. I think PC at this age are really improving, although some argue that the very first ones at under 8 were best… It’s a matter of preference, as always. De Gustibus…

Another PC, this time bottled by WhiskyBroker for the Swedish market. A private cask, from cask # 857 bottled for friends in Holmsund/Umea. This one’s a Refill Sherry cask, bottled at 60% abv, and was kindly sent to me for review by Kjell (thanks mate!). The whisky was distilled 15/10/2003 and bottled on the 27/11/2017 , making it 14 yo. A total of 372 bottles… Let’s dive.

Port Charlotte 2003 15 yo Whiskybroker bottling (for Sweden), 60 % abv , €130

Nose: quite coastal.. Brine, shellfish, lemon peel, leather and peat. Citrusy and fresh, with a hint of pepper. Not very lactic at all.. , which is a (good or abd you decide) surprise, since we’re talking Laddie over here… 
Palate :Much fiercer with a lot of pepper, chilly, and loads of  earthy peat (not very medicinal at all) .. Creamy on the second wave of sensations. Salted Toffee, butterscotch with a sweet peat avalanche. Rich, and creamy , and peaty at the same time. like!
Finish : pepper, cinnamon, ash, licorice. 
This is a very good Port Charlotte. I quite like the fresh citrus / peat nose, with the cremier salted caramel / toffee palate. Really a dram to snuggle with on a cold winter night, and would go very well with a toffeed apple desert.
Very good stuff. If you can source one.

Score: 89/100


Cheers Kjell !

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