New Whisky distillery to be set up in Jerusalem – Jerusalem Distilling Co.

Not much details yet, but today there  Jerusalem Distilling, announced it’s going to set up a distillery based in Jerusalem, Israel .The distillery will produce peated whiskies as well as other distillates while the whisky matures.

Distillery co-owner is David Zibell founder of the Golan heights distillery based in Katzrin. (see my review I posted not long ago)

Currently they are in the process of raising funds (looking to raise 6 m NIS [$ 1,7 m]  from private investors), they will also raise some funds from crowd funding platforms in the coming year. The whisky will be distilled in J-M  with equipment as follows : Mash 5000 Liters Wash still 3000 Liters &  spirit still 2000 Liters .

The distillery capacity will be about 150,000 Liters/Year   the plan is to  fill 400 barrels per year for the first 3 years.
Location will be split, mashing Distilling and visitor center with 60 ppl capacity in Talpiot area while coppering, barreling, barrel storage and bottling will be in one of the moshavim in the Jerusalem mountains location : TBD.

There are also plans for crowd funding campaigns both locally in Israel and Internationally ( I guess US market or so) later on, so people can assist and own a bottle when they mature in due course, but it’s too soon to reveal more information at this stage.

I will share more info when I have more… in the meantime check out their announcement

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