Benriach 10 years old (2006) single cask #7360 batch 14 (virgin oak)

Another cask from 2006, this time a Virgin oak cask, meaning new oak! for 10 years.. that’s quite some time in a virgin cask, and I trust this cask will leave a significant impression on the liquid. Shall we expect a whiskey sort of whisky? Let’s find out

Benriach 10 years old (2006) single cask #7360 batch 14 (virgin oak) , £67.99 

Nose:  This is going to be big on wood, and the nose is really rich and woody…  Lots of vanilla, wood spice, and sandalwood, with a bourbon-y edge to it (and no wonder..) Fresh cut wood shavings, sweet syrup, and some maple and pine. There’s a certain citrus note there and quite a lot of ripe banana, grilled or so. If you’re into wood, you’re going to love this nose.
Palate: More woody goodness, with ripe banana, golden syrup, cinnamon and clove (and a touch of nutmeg), stewed peaches and more fried bananas, pepper and Demerara sugar, grilled pineapple, and oodles of wood, good wood mind you, but it might be a tad too much for some. Thick. sweet and tannic.
Finish: more wood, getting dry, pepper, fruit and syrup.
A very wood-centric whisky indeed. If you’re not a fan of big woody whiskies, I guess you better not opt for a bottle, but if, like me, you’re a fan of whisky, and appreciate a perfumed wood style – then this one’s up your alley. Good stuff, but not very balanced.

Score: 85/100

Still Available on the whisky shop if you’re interested.

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