Compass Box ‘No Name’

After the white labeled Phenomenolgy , comes it’s counterpart the Black labeled ‘No Name’. The name sounds mysterious indeed, but as it happens Compass Box have discolosed quite a lot of information about this one. The key components are  as follows (described by CB, and annotated by me):

“The recipe is primarily sourced from the Pier Road distillery (read: Ardbeg). The tempering single malt is from the Islay distillery in Port Askaig( read: Caol Ila) , with its more elegant, restrained peaty malt whisky. To add dimension, fruit character and an ethereal element, we have added a small portion of malt whisky from a much-loved distillery in the Northern Highlands village of Brora (read: Clynelish). We finished things off with just a touch of malt whisky finished in French oak, providing a lovely underlying sweetness and richness.”

So essentially we have 75.5% Ardbeg ,  6% Caol Ila and 13.4 % Clynelish, and a bit of highland blend. Lovely, right?

And indeed, this is the peatiest Compass Box to date (and feels peaty indeed), bottled at  46%.. Interesting right? Islay fans, read carefully:

Nose:  Big notes of ash, dried lemon, lime, and wet dog (yes, love it), it’s clearly dominated by the Ardbeg and the zest…  I am thinking tarry ropes, and seashell. There’s a wee hint of grapefruit pith, and sweet smoky cereals. with a bit of water it gets creamier with some vanilla.

Palate: Boom. We’re certainly on Islay now : lovely wood smoke and peat embers, sweet smoke, pines, citrus peel and more of the wet farmy note (dog if you may), BBQ sauce, and creamy vanilla. there’s a medicinal touch and some tar, but the Ardbeg is well felt..
Finish: distant ash, soot, peat , wet cardboard , tar and creamy vanilla.


Splendid stuff if you’re a fan of Ardbeg / Islay malts. the Ardbeg and Caol Ila, mix wonderfully well with the Clynelish, and create a complex and very satisfying dram if you’re in the mood for some smoke, ash and tar, with a nice citrus balance.

Get one.I know I am.

Score: 90/100

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