Benromach 1977 vintage single cask #1268

Time for another single cask from Benromach. This one is slightly “younger” than the last one (1975), but still quite old.Only 225 bottles of Benromach 1977 are available worldwide. The release of this product builds on the success of previous vintage releases from the 1970’s.Quietly maturing for 39 years in a single Refill American Hogshead, Benromach 1977 (ABV 56.0%) this would surely be lovely…

Benromach 1977, cask #1268, 56% abv,  RRP €1,500

Nose:  Quite somber with a hefty amount of oak, wood lacquer , pepper and spice, there’s also some dark honey note, as well as conserved lemon, a hint of tobacco leaf and very weak distant note of smoke.
Palate: Boom! quite peppery on the entry, with chilly,  black pepper, and spice, which quickly gives place to sweeter honeyed notes, some butterscotch, banana  ,passion fruit and toasted oak, and a touch of salted almonds then again the pepper returns. a nice combo of wood, salt and pepper, with a hint of tobacco leaf.
Finish:  salty, peppery with bitter oak, mint ,unripe banana, and wax.
As expected this is an excellent whisky, however, it is very different than the previous single cask i reviewed here (cask #3434), while the 1975 vintage was quite heavy on the wood (something I quite enjoy in older whiskies), this one is a tad more tropical, spicy and peppery, packing a zing and not as dominated by wood as the older cask. I guess some would prefer this one , but for me the 1975 vintage was a tad better. Excellent stuff, as always, but 1,500 Eur is not small change.

Score: 90/100

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