Clynelish 21yo Art of whisky distilling [TWE whisky show 2017 Exclusive]

Like every year TWE held its whisky show event in London, and sadly I could not attend due to a family vacation on Portugal (which was mucho fun!), but anyways, I was happy to have received a few samples of the exclusive show bottling bottled by TWE. The first of which is a 21 year old clynelish I’ve heard many good things about (and frankly, what can not be good in well-aged Clynelish, right?).


The bottle labels (including this one) look quite awesome : reflecting this year’s show theme of The Art of Whisky, award-winning designer and fellow of the Royal Society of Art, Raj Chavda, has created six limited edition labels to reflect the character of the whiskies.

Not much info other than the obvious –  Distilled at the Clynelish and matured for at least 21 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead. 251 bottles.

I bet it sold out very quickly, but  a few will pop online at some time soon (this week!), so keep your eyes peeled. in the meantime, I tasted some and loved it.

Clynelish 21yo Art of whisky distilling [TWE whisky show 2017 Exclusive] , 56.1% abv , £110

Nose: Ah that’s a Clynelish alright we got over here.. The waxy apples are here as well as some fresh pears, freshly cut grass, lemon zest, with hints of damp Dunnage warehouses.  
Palate: Quite fruity from the start with a tropical touch : banana, apples, red grapefruit, lychee and some nuts, the waxy notes are here for sure, as well as wood spices, and more of that lovely grapefruit. Very good! There’s some yummy wood in the backdrop too, clearly a great ex bourbon cask.. 
Finish : Some fruit, salted almonds, bitter wood and a touch of grapefruit. 
Quite excellent and tropical with all the lovely fruit, nice balance of zest, and waxiness as expected. Brilliant stuff no doubt. I want one.

Score: 90/100

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