Glendronach 13 yo Virgin Oak Cask #1751–The Duchess

Another cask bottled for The Duchess label, which is the whisky label of Best of Wines, a NL spirits retailer, this comes after the lovely Ardbeg 25 I reviewed last week. So, a Glendronach – must be a monster sherry or something, right? well, think again, as this one was aged in virgin oak (meaning a new cask never used before to age any spirit, not even bourbon.) This is nothing completely new, as GD have released some virgin wood casks in the last few years or so, but It’s not your average Dronach, mind you. A few months ago I visited a 14 year old GD finished in virgin oak, but this one has been aged in new oak for the entire term of 13 years. Let’s check this out..

Glendronach 13 yo Virgin Oak Cask #1751–The Duchess , 53.9% abv, € 83,49 virgin1

Nose: Big wood notes with coconut, vanilla and stewed peaches and pears, golden syrup very perfumed and very attractive indeed. Cinnamon and more subtle wood spice.

Palate: Again – big and spicy with star anise, cinnamon heat, chilly, ginger and rich vanilla extract oily and mouth coating. Chewy wood, maple syrup, wood tannins, dry and lively.

Finish :Spicy with chilly, vanilla  and coconut.

This is not the most complex single cask GD I’ve had, but this is one yummy whisky. The nose is lovely, and the mouth feel is great, big bold and full of flavour, you will want to pour yourself another dram immediately, as did I. Highly enjoyable, and recommended. It’s quite a different creature than what you’d expect from a 13 year old GD, but worth your while, IMHO. Get one.

Score: 87/100


Available online for € 83,49 , Best of Wines

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