Tomatin 2006 vintage – The Cyprus Whisky Assoc. Cask # 4191


A few months ago Pavlos, a blog reader based in Cyprus and member of the Cyprus Whisky association, approached me and asked If am willing to taste one of their club bottlings, a single cask Tomatin they chose for their whisky club. He kindly sent a sample and some info, and although It took me some time (read: too much time) to get to taste it, finally – I did. SO thank you Pavlos, I’m honoured to taste your club bottling today..

As for facts: This is a single cask Tomatin , aged in an ex-bourbon cask #4191 , distilled 5/10/2006 and bottled 14/4/2016 making it 9 years old. Bottled at 59,2% abv, NCF, natural colour. It’s a young and quite interesting Tomatin single cask. Let’s see what this is all about…

Tomatin 2006, Cask # 4191 [Cyprus Whisky Assoc.], 59,2% abvtomatin_CY11P

Nose: candied orange peel,vanilla custard and burnt toasted rye bread, a hint of eucalyptus extract and maybe a touch of mint. Rather sharp on abv and benefits quite nicely from a dash of water. Boiled sweets, and spicy oak, and a wisp of FWP or perfume if you prefer to be PC.. 

Palate: bitter sweet wood , golden syrup, wood spice and vanilla. Apple peel in the backdrop coconut shreds , quite  hot and peppery with ginger powder and a hint of smoky earthy wood. 

Finish: Cocoa covered dark chocolate bon-bons, clove and apple peel, bitter coffee grounds. 

This is a very enjoyable whisky indeed, it’s quite fierce, and kicking, and it does welcome some water, which balances it and tames it a bit. Good ex-bourbon cask, with nice complexity on the nose, and a good palate. Good choice of cask Pavlos & Co. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit.

Score: 86/100

Cheers Pavlos!

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