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Review: Bruichladdich 2002, 13 Year Old, Single Cask #12/214 – TWE Exclusive

After the rather Excellent Kavalan, comes another single cask bottled exclusively for TWE- This time a Bruichladdiech aged 13 yo:  TWE have chosen  this 2002 single cask from Bruichladdich’s Micro-Provenance series.  Only 240 bottles were produced from this single bourbon cask matured in warehouse 14 STOW 20J. Natural color and non-chill filtered.

Bruichladdich 2002, 13 Year Old, Single Cask #12/214, TWE,52.7%, £99.95 

Nose: This is a laddie alright, with the ‘signature’ Lactic quality : think of sweet cheese cake, even some middle eastern ‘Knaffe’, with some lemon peel, green apple, and pears on  crunchy semi-sweet dough,icing sugar, and maybe a hint of white sultana. An interesting nose, indeed. we’re off to a good start here…
Palate: Fruity, with more apple peel, and fresh pears on first wave of sensations, malt, and golden syrup, then getting more exotic with some tropical fruit (mostly pineapple and papaya, and red grapefruit), pepper, brown sugar and more of the golden syrup quality, with burnt nutty toasted bread.
Finish: apple crumble, orange marmalade, cereals.
A very good dram, with a lovely balance of fruit, exotics and citrus with sweetness , spice and wood. For a 13 year old unpeated Laddie, this is quite impressive.

Score: 88/100

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“…this is the only exclusive single-cask official bottling that Bruichladdich has ever done for a retailer.”
Actually, K&L Wines in California has picked several single casks from Bruichladdich since 2007. All of them were sold in the official Bruichladdich bottles.

Thanks for the clarification Erich. I am checking this info with Speciality Drinks (TWE), I’ve merely qouted their PR, but they may have not been quite accurate.


No problem. The K&L bottling I owned (and long finished) was apparently an unused single cask from Bruichladdich’s short-lived 3D3 bottling.

ah, i quite liked the 3d3…
i’ve asked the TWE PR to have a look, and they’ve corrected the text now 😉

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