Two more New-ish GlenDronach – Cask Strength Batch #6 & 14 yo Marsala Finish

Today we’re concluding the GD / BR tasting notes with two new-ish or so releases from this lovely distillery.

If you’ve not heard about it before, This is a time to also note the new whisky maker who’s joining the GlenDronach/Benriach/GG family – Rachel Barrie, former master blender of Bowmore, yeah that’s right. It’s not official yet but it seems that  master distiller and blender Billy Walker was preparing to leave the company, it is thought that Barrie is being lined up as his replacement. Good luck Rachel!

We’re got two different whiskies lines up for tasting today: The first is the 6th Batch of the much celebrated and liked GD Cask Strength, and the second one is the new Marsala finish released last year, aged 14 yo. Let’s kick it with the 14 year old first, shall we?

GlenDronach 14 Year Old Marsala Cask Finish , 46% , £59.95 

The GlenDronach Marsala Wood Finish Aged 14 Years was first matured in European oak casks and thereafter spent its finishing period  in Marsala hogsheads. Marsala is a fortified wine produced on the Italian island of Sicily. Ready for some sweet nectar?

Nose: sweet and fruity with candied red apples on a stick up front, rhubarb pie, malty notes with a touch of pepper, and honeyed nectar. Very sweet indeed. But not much wine which is good. 
Palate : sine wine tannins,  with sweet red apples and some ripe pears too. Toasted oak, which make it a bit dry, and balanced as the juices are quite thick and sweet. Ginger, and pepper too with a touch of sandalwood. 
Finish : drying with the oak taking the lead,  some faint stewed Apple in the background. 
Very sweet stuff, but mostly sugary, candied sweet, and not much dried fruit sort of sweetness. If you’re a fan of sweet whisky, you’re going to love this one, and if you’re a kid at heart, those candied apples on a stick , may remind you of sweet childhood memoeries of going to the fair, and eating those sweet lovely apples. At any rate, it’s an interesting addition to the GD range.

Score: 85/100


Nose:  starting zingy with orange peel and a citrus note, which then transforms into dried fruit ; mostly dried apricot,  fruit leather and some sultana. Honey soaked sponge cake, spice. 
Palate: quite a bit of wood spice here, with ginger, white pepper and wood, more dried fruit on the second wave of sensations, again the sultana and apricot play first violin here..  Toasted wholemeal bread, and some sweet candied orange peel, a musty note too. 
Finish : dried fruit,  fudge and bitter cocoa with a touch of pepper. 
Quite zingy and not as sweet and fudgy as batch 5, If I have to compare to previous batches, this one is rather on the spicier side, and not quite as rich, but also lovely mouth feel and good all in all VFM.

Score: 87/100

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