GlenDronach 14 yo Virgin Oak Finish

A brief discussion on social media about how epic are Gelndronach whiskies, reminded me I have this sample waiting to be reviewed. I’ve tasted the previous edition way back in 2011 and liked it, and this is a new version released last year (2016) after the success of the previous edition. In essence this is  matured initially in re-charred puncheons before finishing in a small batch of American virgin oak casks, which will add a bourbon-y, and fruity touch to the liquid (coconut, exotics etc -or so we hope).

Glendronach 14 virgin oak finish 46% , abv , £51 

Nose: a very nice new oak influence. Vanilla , maple, coconut and exotic fruit mostly overripe melons and sweet ripe banana flambé. Some bubble gum and maybe strawberry custard and toffee. Quite lovely.
Palate: spicy and viscous. More banana bread notes, fried toffeed bananas in maple syrup and some pink grapefruit that adds a nice touch. Vanilla, wood shavings and more dried coco and oak. Lovely.
Finish: sweet and savory with yummy oak, toffee and a hint of grapefruit pith, sugar and banana chips.
A lovely twist on the classic GD, with the banana and pink grapefruit, with the bubblegum making it just more-ish and fun. Really liked this one, it’s a nice desert dram alright. Good stuff. I think it’s slightly nicer than the 2011 edition.

Score: 86/100


4 thoughts on “GlenDronach 14 yo Virgin Oak Finish

  1. Gledronach-Hype? I totally agree, Sir! I distinctly remember all the noise that was made about the famous “Glendronach 15yo Revival”. Reviewers praised this whisky sky-high.
    Funny enough I ever only managed to get one bottle, which I enjoyed quite a lot.
    Then, suddenly, prices began to rise and now it has been discontinued (only for 3 years, or is it gone forever? I hope not… ) I am not sure if their stocks were depleted, or they simply wanted to explore some different expressions. I still hope it’ll be back (just like Arnold^^).


    1. Love the 15 yo. when it was first released it was awesome, mainly due to the fact that it had much older stock than the 15 inside (some 18 and 20 year olds allegedly, in addition to some 15 of course). the 15 sold very well, and the stocks were low, also sherry casks become more scarce and more expensive. But you can still get the 18, 21 etc at OK-ish prices.

      1. I think Glendronach was closed from ’96 to mid-2002 (don’t quote me on this). So the 15yo is likely to be back soon with actual 15-year old whisky in it. The recent 15yo (say 2013-2014 bottlings) has to have whisky from ’96 or prior..making it closer to 18-20 years-old. That’s why the first releases of the GD12 were SO amazing…they were much older than 12.

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