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The Glenglassaugh Distillery, at the east end of the Sandend Bay, was founded by Col. James Moir in 1875. He quickly established a reputation for making a quality whisky and the company prospered.
Col. James Moir ran the distillery with his two nephews until 1892, when Glenglassaugh was purchased by Highland Distillers. After being completely re-built in 1960, the distillery continued to produce whisky until 1986 when it was mothballed.

The distillery sat silent for over 20 years until it was purchased by a group of investors and started production again in December 2008. In 2013, the BenRiach Distillery Company took over Glenglassaugh distillery with the intention to bring this iconic distillery fully back to life by giving it the investment, commitment and care it deserves. The whisky we’re tasting today was distilled in 2009 after the re-opening and was aged in small octave casks for about 6 years, it was bottled for Denmark is still available online at


Glenglassaugh the octave cask sc6 , 55.5 % ,  Eur 85 / 999 DKK

Nose: flirty and a bit sulfur-ט but in a good way.. The sherry is quite evident with sweet dried fruit spent matches and a touch of cucumber brine and some smoke. Charred wood and a sour touch. Good balance. 
Palate : big and rich with butterscotch and honeyed syrup as well as dried fruit, smoke, more dirty sherry and gunpowder,spices and a touch of chilly infused milk chocolate quite a lot of Sulfur but that fits in nicely  
Finish : dark red fruit, chocolate,  butterscotch. 
A very good whisky considering the short maturation (yes yes,  Octave casks work faster, but still!). Highly recommended if you are not afraid of some sulfur notes, I quite like the flinty sherry profile. Good stuff.

Score: 88/100

Cheers Jorn

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