More young & Newish Glen Grant – the 12 year old

After the the not-so-special 18 year old I reviewed earlier this week, I am taking a look at the younger sibling , a 12 year old, also available in the new bottle design, and priced at a modest £31. The 12 year old is not the entry point GG, by no means as there are younger 5 and 10 year old expressions.

Glen Grant 12 Year , 43% , £31

Nose: The nose is quite fresh and fruity with peaches, oranges, and a general fruity feeling, with icing sugar, some wood spice and sweet dough (baked buns, or baked donuts or so), it’s not very unique, but it’s inviting, but also quite ‘generic, If you know what i mean. Quite average for a 12 year old malt. 

Palate: The palate is slightly weaker than I had anticipated from the nose,  Mostly red apples, maybe the odd ripe pear, sweet and malty with some vanilla. 

Finish: Quite short, with malt, vanilla and a touch of almonds.



Not very exciting, and not very unique, this could be any other Speyside distillery bottling, for all I know. at 30 quid, I am not sure this would be my first pick for a daily dram. quite mediocre.

Score: 79/100

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