Two more ‘Grainman’ single grains – Carsebridge & North British

The Grainman is the single grain label under which Medaowside blending co. (known for their Maltman bottlings) bottle  its single grain.
Today I am featuring two more single grains, they are above the 25 year mark, but not very old yet. Like previous grain posts, one is aged in ex-bourbon casks, while the second one is finished in a sherry cask, something i see more and more in Single Grain bottlings. Finishing in a sherry cask can mean the original cask was not very interesting to begin with, and that the bottler wanted to make the liquid a bit more appealing (most times methinks – when grain is involved), or that it’s just to add more depth maybe to appeal to sherry heads. Who knows?
We’ll start with the first ‘natural’ one then proceed to the sherry finished grain.

The Grainman Carsebridge 33 Year Old 1982 (cask 74681) , 42.6%  the-grainman-33-year-old-1982-cask-74681-whisky

Nose: lots of vanilla,  glue, nail Polish remover,  sweet dough hints of rum and rubber.
Palate : nice woody notes, sweet pastries,  vanilla,  gum, classic grain.
Finish : rum, vanilla marshmallows.

Score: 84/100

A rather classic single grain profile with the big vanilla / nail polish remover and sweet dough. I’ve had more complex grains, but this will appeal to

grainm2North British 27 yo- Sherry Cask Finish N° 8 – The Grainman , 48,6% , €83

Nose : big sherry influence here. Lots of caramelized sugar, spice, sweet wine, old school candy,  caramelised apples on a stick. The sherry is quite big,  wee hint of sour,  varnish.

 Palate:  thick sweet entry with plum,  orange jam and spices mainly cinnamon and clove.
Finish : burnt sugar,  caramel,  licorice
This is a rather tasty dram if you’re a sherry-head, but I think the spirit gets a bit lost in all this sweet wine , I prefer my single grains big and grain-y and not over sherried.

Score: 80/100

official samples provided by Meadowside Blending

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