A couple of late 1980’s Invergordon Single Grains

Today’s post is all about Single Grain whisky, and to be more precise, two single grain bottlings from the Invergordon grain distillery, distilled in 1988 and in 1987. Always nice to be able to compare two quite ‘similar’ whiskies, from almost the same year, and see how the wood changed the liquid. The first is a single cask by The GrainMan (Meadowside Blending), which is a sister line of grains to the well known “The Maltman”, while the seconds grain is a Wemyss Malts bottling (bottled 2015). My rule of thumb (which not always works, but ..) is that single grain whiskies start to shine when they pass the 30-35 year old mark. Those two grains are younger by a decade or so, so let’s hope they surprise me, ok?

Invergordon-  The Grainman 28 Years Bourbon Barrel 1987/2016, 47,7% abv,€ 89 grainman_inver

Nose:  quite at sharp st first with acetone,  glue and sweet syrup and vanilla. Hints of  FWP* . Yes. I know this is no Bowmore, but still I can swear there are some perfumed notes, which really remind me of some of those Bowmores. Yikes.  Other than that, not a bad nose, quite typical.
Palate : Big entry with vanilla fudge, Canelés and milk chocolate. No perfume here thank goodness. Chocolate fondant and raisin. 
Finish : Sweet wood,  chocolate mousse. Rum and raisin Ice cream. 
A rather typical Grain, save the FWP . It is not old enough to have that old grain feeling I like so much, but it’s fun drinking, and will do just nicely for summer, the price is also quite fair. Don’t expect wonders though. You get what you pay for a middle aged Grain.

Score: 84/100

*FWP – stands for French Whore Perfume


Rosy Apple brûlée 1988 (bottled 2015) – Wemyss Malts , £74rosy-apple-brule-1988-bottled-2015-wemyss-malts-invergordon-whisky

Nose : Ok. This is completely different. Welcome to caramel land! . Thick, big caramel candy nose over here. with candied apple and caramelized sugar.  Sweet nectar and earth.  That’s pretty much it. 
Palate : More sweets and chocolate over here. Alcohol infused bonbons,  fudge and ‘Werthers original’ candy, toffifee. 
Finish : Rum infused chocolate and more toffee. 
A really sweet, and caramely whisky over here, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this one is for you. There’s not much depth, and some wood influence is lacking. Not bad, but also not very complex.

Score: 82/100

Both Grains are still available online, and are quite enjoyable as a daily dram, with the Grain Man a bit more interesting, and less sweet and caramel. I think my rule of thumb still stands, Looking forward to older Grain…


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