The new Laddie 8–Travel Retail

Feis Ile is in full swing as you know, with Bruichladdich hosting a very nice tasting , which was also broadcast online (good work there guys!), with some very interesting drams (and one Octomore Black Arts..). Not sure if most of us will get a chance to taste those, but surely if you’re flying anytime soon, Bruichladdich have released two very interesting Travel Retail (TR, or duty-free) exclusives which might be of interest, which I have tasted quite recently, and are well worth your time. we’ll start with the Laddie “eight”, which is a younger sibling of the “Laddie Ten” which was quite a success, and one of my favorites drams in that price range. Hat off to Bruichladdich for releasing a young dram such as this one, bearing its age with pride (single digits, ok?), and saying, I am 8 years, old. so what? I rock. Buy me. None of the NAS nonsense here.Also this lovely dram is bottled at 50%, and not at a boring 40% ..  The Laddie PR says:

“Adam’s aim with this vatting is to preserve the elegant, floral notes of the vibrant young spirit while building up the signature salty, citrus tang so characteristic of Bruichladdich. Eight years maturation in our warehouses on the shores of Loch Indaal have perfected a graceful single malt that relates to a very modern craftsmanship”

Let’s give it a sniff, shall we?

The Laddie 8 , 50% abv, £44.99 laddie8

Nose: From the get go this screams “Laddie!”, as there’s quite a bit of the lactic quality (some refer to it as baby vomit) one often finds on the nose of Bruichladdichs. It’s not over emphasized, but it’s there, and it’s nice.  It’s quite fruity and fresh as well, with a mélange of apple/ pear, vanilla, and a hint of citrus too, with a dollop of vanilla, sweet malt, and tinned peach, slightly floral too. very nice, if not ultra complex.

Palate:  Vanilla Ice, with tinned peaches and mango on top, there’s also a sweet malty feeling to it, with the lactic notes (think: Kanafeh– a middle eastern desert if you’re not really familiar with it). furthermore you’re getting some more of the apple, as well as a hint of berries, and cream, a lovely buttery palate, with the right balance of spice, and a pinch of pepper.

Finish: Floral, and sweet with vanilla, spice, and wood char, with the faintest hint of sea spray.

A very enjoyable, well priced dram if you ask me. I was a fan of the 10, and I am really getting to like this younger one as well. A lovely dram to pick up when you fly, or as a gift. Good work, Adam & co.

Score: 85/100

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