Springbank 16 local barley

It’s Springbank Open day today in Campbeltown , the next best thing to being there actually is drinking some of their lovely liquid. This 16 year old was released a couple of months back, and was in high demand, and sold out quickly, with only 9,000 bottles produced.  I was lucky to be able to secure both a bottle and a sample, as I knew it was bound to be good stuff, as springbank is making some awesome whiskies, with real character. Let’s get tasting shall we?

Springbank 16 Year Old Local Barley 54.3% , Sold Outspringbank-16-year-old-local-barley-whisky

Nose: wham! This is a springer alright. Big. Bold. Peppery and dirty, with kerosene , wet rope , sea spray, a nice peat reek with a lovely vanilla sweetness underneath all the manly notes . There is a wide spectrum of aromas you can sit with and discover as time passes. Give it time and it shall open up and reveal even more. Splendid.

Palate: big and chewy. Starts sweet and vanilla centric, with big honeyed notes, then it gets more Coastal with sea sorry, brine and even seaweed-y at times , earthy with lovely peat, pepper and a fruity backbone , mostly of pear switch is dominated by the peat and earth, bitter sweet caramelized biscuits as well ending on lovely oak. Brilliant.

Finish: a long finish, with pepper, peat smoke wood, and vanilla and a bit of apple peel, vanilla and shortbread.

This is an awesome whisky, it is big, bold, manly, complex, and has real depth, character. It feels concentrated, and it is very very well made. Everything we’ve come to expect  from a springbank whisky. It’s not very cheap (around 140 EUR and up), but it’s well worth the price, It is just superb. Get one if you can find one.

Score: 91/100

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    1. Cheers. I’ve got enough and shipping from usa is a fortune… Hope you Get those. They are really fantastic

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