Two Bruichladdie Micro Provenance single casks

Going over my sample cabinet I spotted a few Bruichladdich bottles from quite a distant twitter tasting that features 3 of their Micro Provenance single casks, No idea why I have not posted notes so far, but they were pretty nice ones, and a pity to ignore them altogether. We’ll start with Cask 229, which is a full term sherry, 12 years in a cask, bottled at 62.2% which is quite nice Winking smile

Cask 229 Full term sherry , 12 yo , 62.2% ABV

229Nose : a lovely combo of rich sherry notes with a bonfire BBQ sort of quality to it. Dried fruit,  sticky pudding,  sour sherry with hints of Orchard fruit and mint, flan. No lactic notes at all. Very unique for a laddie.

Palate : nice and dirty. With thick sherry,  chocolate,  dried fruit and more of that sticky pudding as well as tea leaves,  earthy feeling too it then more sultana distant wood  smoke. Sweet BBQ meats.

Finish :  endless with a sweet wine smoky BBQ and tea leaf ending. Brilliant.

Superb stuff! I know some people who tried that with me were not as entusiastic, but for me the sweet dried fruit and the lovely sticky pudding and peat smoke, works out exceptionally. There’s also no lactic , if you’re not the fan (I don’t mind that, for me it’s part of the Laddie DNA ) which is also a plus. One of the tastiest Laddies I’ve had recently.

Score: 89/100

Cask 013 , 21 year old, 50.6% ABV, £90013

This one was distilled in 1994 making it a 21 year old malt. It was aged mostly in an American white oak Bourbon cask, before being finished for a year in a Sauternes wine cask and  stored in warehouse 13, at 50.6% ABV.

Nose : creamy and sweet with lots of fruit mostly  peach and apricot,  a touch of mint and citrus with ripe clementine and damp oak with coconut chips.

Palate : lovely barley juices with a hint of sweet overripe orange and clementine. There’s more orchard fruit  mainly apricots and pear on top of vanilla fudge.

Palate : sweet apricot,  chilly and pepper with buttery oak and milk chocolate.

Lovely Sauternes over here with the fruity notes. this one is still on sale, so check it out here 

Score: 87/100

Two delicious whiskies showcasing how versatile Laddie liquid can be. Thanks guys for the wee crackers!


Images : WhiskyLoving

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