SMWS 48.56 ‘Popcorn in a sauna’ 13 yo Balmenach

Yet Another SMWS sample I found myself sharing with some whisky friends (Thanks Ben, I think). Like F.Gump once said : A SMWS is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get (or do you?).

Nose: fruit infused frozen yoghurt, mainly peach. Old school sweet shop, thick dollops of vanilla and a hint of fresh sweet dough. A sour note too that balances  out the sweetness. Fairly big aromas over here with lots of alcohol. Water is a good idea… 

Palate : big and bold indeed. Lots of spicy goodness ,with a mix of wood spice along peppery notes, that give way to drying would, and creamy sweet yoghurt. Sweet dough, icing sugar, more spicy wood, and some prickly ginger candy. 

Finish : wood , dry yet fragrant with lingering wood spices.

This is a nice whisky, all in all, that benefits from quite a bit of water, at least for me. Although I must say I was quite underwhelmed by it seeing many people were quite taken with it.

Score: 84/100

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