Ledaig 2004–The Ultimate, Van Wees , 2015

A long time ago, when I was making my first steps in whisky, and when whisky used to cost an arm and a leg and not many worthwhile whiskies were available locally, Ledaig NAS OB was available and fairly cheap (relatively, ok). I admit to polishing off a few bottles of that peaty whisky, and since then I always have a soft spot for Ledaig. You can get some awesome young peaty monsters from Tobermory nowadays from IB, and this is definitely one of them. Luckily I was able to taste that a few days ago sharing with some friends (Thank you V.) This lovely peaty thing comes aged in a sherry butt, 627 bottles, originally priced under 80 EUR, but gone now.

Ledaig 2004 Van Wees , 2015 , 61.7 % , € 77.00 (originally) ledaig_VW2004

Nose: This is a manly dram no doubt, Big dirty sherry again, more like motor shop aromas, oil, peat, smoke, dark yet with a sweet smoky note of dried plums,figs and dates, a nice bacon note too, cured meat, in thick semi sweet sauce (yeasty marmite and Silan [honey made from ripe dates]). pretty intense, and the ABV helps. Very very good stuff, but It is not subtle by no means. be prepared. This is a powerful beast.

Palate: Powerful and oily, thick and intense on the palate: lots of big dirty sherry notes, pepper, chilly, smoke, bacon and salted cured meats, there’s a certain sweet yet salty feeling to it, you can call it salty caramel (love the combination), it’s makes me think of sweet peaty motor oil, and the color matches too. Some sulfur here for sure (beware! if you’re not the fan), as well as sweeter maltier goodness, and licorice. It bites. no doubt, it bites.

Finish: Long long long… The sherry sweetness and smoke go a long way, giving way to the dried fruit and a twist of dark chocolate, and even ripe orange with a salty smoky edge.


This is the good stuff, if you’re a fan of the dark dirty sherry (No Gorda casks here, but this cask is also rich in those meaty / flinty aromas and taste). A very enjoyable dram, goes well with a big meaty dinner, or a nice cigar, dark chocolate would also be a brilliant pairing. If you can find one – get it. I regret not getting one myself. This is a delicious Ledaig.

Score: 90/100

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