SMWS 27.109 Guns on the grouse moor [Springbank] 16 yo

Dirty Whisky can be wonderful if you enjoy that thing, dirty sherry especially, and whenever I come across such a cask, which displays enough dirtiness, without being way “off”, it is a time to be merry. This 16 year old Springer from the SMWS is such a dram. Distilled in 1992, comes from a big badass Gorda cask containing some 600 liters at a nice 58.3% abv. A true springbank, and a lovely dram.

SMWS 27.109 Guns on the grouse moor  , 58.3% abv , SMWS_generic

Nose :that’s a very meaty springer. Starts off with oxtail soup sort  of nose. Meat consume,Gunpowder galore. Lots of dirty sherry influence. Rubbery and earthy. A hint of dried fruit and a wine-y edge too. absolutely cracking.

Mouth: Oh this is good. This is a brilliant palate. Starts off  dirty and smoky with guns just fired, nearby (guns, not a gun!) Some seaweed and old leather sofas with red berries in smoke. Sherry and more rubber. Great balance and complexity. I do love this.

Finish : Smoke, leftovers of meat broth, caramel and spent matches. Nuts. Dirty. Yet brilliant.

In a few words : Sitting on an old leather sofa after hunting in a field.

Superb stuff.


Score: 91/100

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