The whisky barrel 12 yo port Charlotte

This is yet another sample I was fortunate to taste from the recent TWB Burn’s Malt range of single casks. There’s also a funny story here. You see, when I got all 3 samples each said 25 year old, which was quite true for the Aultmore, but a bit suspicious for a Port Charlotte, which has not been bottling whisky 25 years ago, right? (before the new Laddie management). Anyways, a quick twitter question to TWB and they cleared it was the 12 year old expression I was thinking it Was.  Anyways, one can not usually go wrong with any PC, and this one was not an exception:

Port Charlotte , 12 Year Old 2003 Burns Malt Whisky ,56.2% , £64 PC_12_twb

Nose: creamy and quite lactic . This is no doubt distilled by Bruichladdich. Sweet lotus biscuit, hint of lime, syrup and dirty mossy youngish peat.  Pear drops, and some toasted wood.

Palate: peppery entry with loads of chilly which give way to creamy Vanilla, sweet caramelized biscuits and a touch of salt. Some seaweed and earthy peat. Campfire smoke and bacon crisps. Mellow and more creamy than biting peat , if you can say so about a PC.

Finish : creamy vanilla, wood and whiffs of sweet smoke.

This might not be THE BEST PC, I have ever had, but it’s quite nice  in its way, and the price is also not bad at all! Get a bottle if you’re a fan. sure does give the 12 year old a good fight, and it is less expensive, and not travel retail only…

Score: 87/100

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