Laphroaig 15 Year Old (200th Anniversary Edition)–Review and thoughts

We’re taking a bit of time of from the Diageo SR 2015, to a more down to earth dram, we’re able to afford:

The Laphroaig 15 has been a favorite of many whisky lovers, until it was replaced a couple of years ago by the 18 year old. Fortunately, the distillery has re-created this expression (it’s 15 year old alright, but it is not the same – let’s get that straight) and it is now available again as a 200th anniversary edition. I was very keen on trying the new edition, as I’ve heard good things, but it did take me some time to sit down and write proper notes. If you’re a fan of monstrously peated Laphroaigs, fierce and feisty, be prepared for a lighter, more complex and elegant beast…


Laphroaig 15 Year Old (200th Anniversary Edition) , 43% abv, £57laphroaig-15-year-old-200th-anniversary-edition-whisky

Nose: This is a very different Laphroaig if you were expecting intense tarry monsters such as the ten year old or the Cairdeas. It’s much more restrained. The peat is somewhat  toned down but you’re getting a heap of lovely fruit : mango, smoky banana and pineapple. There is a certain seaside feeling to it too with hints of seaweed , as well as vanilla and mint. Very classy. Layered. Really cool stuff. Loving it.

Palate : Creamy and peppery, but very gentle at that. It’s not a pepper and spice bomb. The keyword here is finesse. Some fruit and soot and with time it is getting drier. I think it’s lacking a bit of oomph. Some salt and hot cinnamon with liquorice.

Finish : salty sweet. Wood smoke and seaweed too. Traces if Iodine.


A very elegant and milder whisky from Laphroaig. Die hard peat lovers will be dissapointed, but if you’re able to look beyond the peat, you are in for a treat. A really old-style sort of Laphraoig, letting you see beyond the peat to the many other notes the distillate reveals. I would have loved to see this bottled at 48%, as the palate is a bit shy at times. All in all, lovely stuff. really.


Score: 88/100

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