The New Dalmore 21 year old – Review and thoughts…

As much as I like Dalmore (I do, and I think they are capable of making awesome malt), it is really sad watching how Dalmore becomes a luxury brand with prices as high as they are and the liquid not matching it. What do I mean? take this new release for example , a 21 year old , at 42% abv costing 350 quid. Yes, you heard right – 350 quid. Now dear Dalmore – this is a tasty whisky, can not say it is not a good whisky (even if not excellent), but could you not walk the extra mile and bottle a luxury whisky as this at say 48%, even 44%? 42 is really disappointing, at least to me, and quiet a few others I am sure. With more distilleries bottling their whisky at higher ABV, NCF, etc , I wonder when Dalmore are going to align themselves with the trend, and as for pricing : Highland Park 21 cost less than half, even the Macallan fine oak 21 costs less, and every other 21 year old I can think of is much cheaper, and the quality of those are very high. So, what’s up Dalmore?

Ok, enough rant, now off to taste the whisky.


Dalmore 21 Year Old (2015 Release) , 42.0% , £350dalmore-21-year-old-2015-release-whisky

Nose : polished wood upfront and lots of caramel sort of sweet aromas. Fudge and sweet wine. Sultana fig and milk chocolate. More caramel coming through with time ,a bit too much for my taste. Feels ultra thick and sticky.

Palate : Some  caramel and sweet vanilla but not really that thick as the nose suggested. Some spices and chocolate nut and raisin. With more dried fruit coming along,  yet not a lot of those as you might expect from a Dalmore. Getting bitter with the sensation towards the end.

Finish :  Bittersweet. Dark chocolate. Oranges zest and cocoa, medium-short.


This is a good whisky (yes, it is good) it’s very tasty, and quite light in sherry influence when you compare it to most Dalmore expressions, which is not surprising as  the spirit was not matured 21 years inside a sherry cask (but merely 11 years or so) . At any rate, I would have loved to see this bottled at a premium strength, and the finish is somehow lacking. If you’re a Dalmore die hard fan, you will not be disappointed, if you’re comfortable with spending that amount on a “good” whisky. You can find a lot of better malts on the markets currently , most will cost 1/3 of the price , some even less. A good whisky, but VFM is very low.


Score: 83/100


Official sample provided by The Dalmore

5 thoughts on “The New Dalmore 21 year old – Review and thoughts…

  1. WOuld have to agree that VFM is just not there, but it’s one of the better Dalmore expressions IMO due to the lack of proper sherry influence, i really like the lighter more vanilla based ex bourbon notes from this and think it works well, it’s just not worth £250.

  2. If I remember correctly the Dalmore 25 in similar boxing also came out at crazy high price of £500. sadly this is the new trend, fancy packaging, fancy prices.

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