SMWS 73.55 apples and pears [Aultmore 21]–A funky weird dram…

Our noses and Palates are very different, that’s given. Some people love certain whiskies other people can not appreciate and vise versa, and this single cask from SMWS (I got from Tom, a long time ago – thanks bro!) is a terrific example of such a whisky. Before I tasted it, I was browsing Tom’s site (weird, as I try no to read about a whisky I am about to taste as not to allow prejudice)  to see what I should expect, and it seems he was quite fond of it himself. I took a sniff, and from the very first moment I knew this was not a dram for me. I wanted to just give up, but tasted it and wrote my notes, as I was trying to do it right. Well, here it is.

SMWS 73.55 apples and pears [Aultmore] 21yo  , 55.30%

Nose: very perfumed nose on this one. I’d never have guessed the distillery. I’m getting quite a lot of FWP** here in addition to very sweet and overripe red apples. There’s some juicy barley too with spices and quite some alcohol too. A hint of pear and damp wood.

Palate: the fragrant apple orgy continues on the palate with the sweet , (too sweet if I might say ) apple and perfume going on. It’s way over the top for me. I’m getting bitter notes too here with pear and bitter almond tart. Not my style. No sir.

Finish: lots of sweet stewed apples. Coconut. Sugar.

Bottom Line:

This might be a nice whisky for some, but frankly the sweet soapy, perfume notes were a big turnoff for me. Once I’ve nosed and tasted it, It was clear this is a style I do not appreciate.

I cant even bring myself to score it. Have a try yourself if you’re a fan of that flavor  / aroma profile, and if you’re not  – Avoid.


** FWP – acronym for French Whore Perfume

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